You are an analyst at heart. In most situations your mind works to calculate the possible outcomes of the given circumstance and the best ways by which to reach a favorable resolution.

You may spend an action you may make an Espionage roll to gain an assessment of someone's abilities. If you roll at least the person's Level+15 then you may get their current and max Vitality, Wound Points, Chakra -or- Stamina as long as you have seen them lose something from one of those pools. Alternatively you may learn the exact value of one of their stats.
You gain a +1 bonus on all d20 rolls and +1d10 damage to your attacks for each item of info you know about the person, gained from this unique. If you lose track of that person, such as from them hiding, you lose this bonus until you relearn their stats.
Favored Attributes
Mind, Spirit