Although you're not extraordinarily skilled, you recognize your mistakes and grasp new ideas with startling speed.

All training times are halved for you, rounded up and you don't have to train for skills at all, just spend the CP.
Further, whenever you fail a d20 check you gain a cumulative +2 to your next d20 check, the next action, as long as you try the same exact thing. So if you failed once, you'd gain a +2 bonus on your next action. If you fail that too then it improves to +4 your next turn, so forth and so on until you either succeed, perform a different action or select a new target (which doesn't recieve the bonus). This bonus only applies to rolls you initiate, not reflective rolls like dodging or mettle.
When you fail to dodge someone you gain a cumulative +2 bonus to your next dodge roll against them as long as they perform the same attack the next action.
Favored Attributes
Mind, Spirit