Kamicolo Uchiha is a ninja with a eternal mangekyo sharingan and has the abilities
of Amaterasu and susanoo. He defected after having fought Rikudo Sennin. He has such
a long life span due to his third sharingan power, metatrona which makes him live for
ever and use tons of tensei jutsu without having the cost of your life. He is also the
creator of the sharingan similar to how Rikudo was the first bearer of the rinnegen eyes.
He fought rikudo to see whos eyes were stronger sharingan vs Rinnegen. It was the clash of
the mellinium It destroyed half of the world by using shinra tensei vs metatrona, shinra
tensei won and the result was he used to much chakra on that shinra tensei 
( which later become the moon ) the end result was he died.

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