Naruto World is a persistent world driven by the actions of players and events supervised by the game masters. As it is a continuous game, without a predetermined sequence of storyline events, actions taken by players and their characters can have a very real, significant impact on the future of the setting. Although this game is based off of the anime and manga series Naruto, it does not follow the anime/manga exactly and very little to no familiarity with them is needed to play and enjoy the game.

The game is not finished, but it is released. This means that although the game is available for play, it will continue to be updated on a regular basis as things are balanced and added. Think of it as an open beta.

There will be no restarts--full wipes of all existing characters, forcing everyone to start over again--except in extreme cases. However, keep in mind that character death is a very real possibility, and there may be drastic changes in the rules as the game goes on.

The Academy Version of the PHB is designed for levels 1-2

More content will become available to you when you reach level 3. When your character reaches level 3 then contact a staff member and they will give you another phb. In addition to being level 3, you must have RPed at least 3 times on 3 seperate days to get the next tier. You are not allowed to get a higher-tiered phb (that is, any version of the phb but the academy one) from anyone but a staff member. Even if you somehow get the phb from someone before then you are not allowed to use any content from it on your character.

Some things to look foreward to in the next PHB:

- Over 20 new jutsu - Over 10 new abilities - New Items (Explosive Tags!)

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