You are somehow not quite human. Your appearance may vary a little or greatly from a normal human's, though it is quite noticable in some way and difficult to hide. You may have been ostracized because of your appearance or celebrated, but the fact always remains--you stand out in a crowd, often not in a good way.

How you look is up to you, but appearances are just that, appearances and no mechanical effect is derived from them (although they may inspire customs). You also gain one special 'mutation' from the following list that actually gives a mechanical benefit:
  • Natural Weapons: You have a natural weapon, be it claws, a horn, or sharp teeth that you can use in combat. Whenever you strike someone with an unarmed attack and deal damage using your natural weapons, they receive an extra 1d10 damage each of their actions for your (STR/10) actions from profuse bleeding or similar. This damage bypasses DR. This bonus damage does not stack, the timer merely 'resets' every time the victim is hit.
  • Heightened Senses: You have more acute senses then a normal human, like the eyes of a cat or a hawk or a dog's nose or bat's ears. You gain a +2 bonus on awareness checks. You receive no visibility penalty for darkness, except total darkness (you can see equally well in low light, like night) and your penalty to awareness check do to distance is halved.
  • Insulation: You have fur, a rough hide, or something similar that gives you added protection. You receive a +5 bonus on fortitude checks to resist poison and environmental effects.
You may select this unique more then once, selecting a new mutation each time.
Favored Attributes
Any 2 of your choice.