Character creation follows these steps:

Character conceptEdit

Come up with a character concept, beyond the mechanics. What type of ninja do you want to play?

Hidden villageEdit

Choose which village your character serves. At the moment Naruto World only supports characters from:

Clan selectionEdit

Choose whether or not your character is a part of a clan. If they are part of a clan, choose which one.


Select your character's uniques. Remember, if you are a clan then you may start with fewer uniques or be forced to select certain ones. See the individual clan entries for details.

Character rollsEdit

Track down any staff member or roll-watcher to watch your character's rolls. You roll {(10+2d20)*1, (10+2d20)*1} six times and assign the stats as you see fit. You take the higher of each roll.

Character PointsEdit

You recieve X Character Points (CP) with which to customize your character's skills, abilities, and jutsu.

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