As you play on Naruto World (NW) your character will grow, learn and advance. To represent this in-game your character gains Experience, Character Points and Respect. Respect has its own section, this node will deal with Experience and Character Points.

Experience is awarded after performing events, missions, sparring and for general Role-Playing. Experience is used to determine your character level and your character points. Character levels are gained automatically as you gain experience. To gain a new level you must get (New Level)*1000 experience past what you needed for your last level. Since this can be confusing, there is a chart to list the experience needed for every level 1-20.

In addition to gaining levels, for every 500 experience you have you gain 1 Character Point. You can also gain character points as a special GM-reward. Character Points are spent on jutsu, skills, abilities and fighting styles. In addition to spending character points on those things you must also spend training days (see the training days node for details). There is a chart that lists the character point and training day cost for each item.

Every time you level up you gain +1 to all stats and 2 character points. You gain an additional +1 to each of the stats favored by your unique (if you have the same stat favored once the effects stack). You also gain 6 points to spend on your stats on a 1 for 1 basis, no more then +3 to any stat in this way. You gain a +1 to either your Nature Manipulation or Shape Manipulation, and an additional +1 to both every 5 levels (see the explanation on Jutsu for details). Finally, you get a +1 bonus to all d20 rolls for every level you have. This bonus can not go above +10 for a genin or +15 for a chuunin. Jounin have no limit.

Recap - Each Level You Gain:

1) +1 to all stats 2) +2 Character Points 3) +1 to the favored stats from your unique choices 4) 6 points to spend on stats (1 for 1 basis, no more than +3 to any stat) 5) +1 to either Nature *or* Shape Manipulation; additional +1 to Both every 5 levels 6) +1 bonus to all d20 rolls (cumulative, you gain +1 for every level you have). This bonus caps at +10 for Genin and +15 for Chuunin.