You fight like an absolute demon; you're hard to take down, and it's even harder to get out of a fight with you unscathed.

Rolls of a 19-20 count as a 20 on all strike rolls. When you score a critical hit, even one that is not a called shot, you choose which part of the opponent's body is damaged. You also receive only a cumulative -2 penalty to your strike roll when determining how powerful your called shots are.
Finally, you may pay 1 willpower to ignore all downsides of critical and wound points for 1 action. When you have at least 1 damage on your Wound Points you may spend 2 points of willpower to add your (Character Level)d10 to your damage.
In order to leave any serious combat (spars usually don't count) or hold your temper roll a 1d100. You have your (MND/2)% chance of actually being able to calm down and stop that action. If not you continue attacking anything that you perceive as a threat, or allies/bystanders if no such threat exists for one action, at which point you may roll again. You may spend one point of willpower to double your % chance to snap out of or resist your frenzy.