You have a specific person who you are driven to kill. This goes beyond a want, being an actual, undeniable desire. The greatest goal in your life is to hunt this person down and kill them once you're strong enough.

You must choose one person or group of people as the target of this unique (subject to GM approval). When acting against your target you recieve a +5 bonus to all d20 rolls and a +2d10 bonus to damage rolls. Also, choose whether this unique stems from special training or hatred.
If the unique stems from special training, you may spend a point of willpower to 'take ten' on any d20 roll oppossed to them. You may also identify the 'signs' of your mark's passing (specific trail, methods to how they do things, etc) with an awareness or investigation roll (subject to GM fiat).
If this unique stems from your hatred, then you always works against your mark whenever possible. In fact you only have a (MND/2)% chance to not work against your mark when the oppertunity presents itself (such as to complete a mission first) or to not blindly attack when you see them. You may spend two points of willpower to deal maximum damage (As though every dice you roll on damage comes up as a 10, but not counting exploding dice). You must declair the use of this ability before you roll strike and your opponent dodge. Further, whenever you run out of Wound Points, Chakra or Stamina you may spend a point of willpower to continue acting for one action, ignoring all penalties up to and including death. However, when you can no longer pay the willpower those penalties kick back in...
You may take this unique twice. If you take it a second time then you have both special training against the object of your vengance and you hate them with great intensity.

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