Creating his first Naruto World character back in February of 2007, Ashton was actually present on the server for several weeks before rolling up - spending the time reading and re-reading the Player's Handbook so that he understood exactly how the world worked, rather then diving in head first and just rolling up 'whatever sounded good'.

He will often refer to himself as "One of the best male role-player to ever set foot in Naruto World's textual territory." and "... witty, funny, courageous, blunt, and awesome." Highly opinionated, Ashton is not afraid to engage into an intellectual debate - and will persist in it's participation until it's conclusion, where either:

A - Everyone else gets fed up

B - He decides to accept the other side's point of view (Rare - but possible)

C - The other side declares that he is right

However, despite the level of enthusiasm invested into his debates, Ashton will almost never resort to simple slander and derogatory comments, unless the process has been initiated by the other involved parties.

He gives cookies and hugs to friends and textual punches in the face to people who are not friends.

Characters Edit

Oto Shindou (Sound Nin - Chuunin (Alive - Retired))

Taku Masuko (Stone Nin - Genin (Alive - Retired))

Ise Akimichi (Leaf Nin - Genin (Alive - Retired))

Nori Hyuuga (Leaf Nin - Genin (Alive - Retired))

Aon Meion (Sand Nin - Missing (Active Character))

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