Trained from Birth Edit

You have trained almost since your birth, putting you a notch above most of your peers.

You begin at level 2. Performing routine tasks is second-nature to you. Any time you would make a d20 roll you instead roll 2d10. This 2d10 roll is treated in all ways like the d20 roll it replaces, and all modifiers apply to the new type of roll. A roll of a 2 on a 2d10 roll is a critical failure. A roll of an 18 or higher counts as a roll of a 20 on a d20 roll. Furthermore, if you take this unique you roll your starting stats three times and take the best results, instead of just twice.
You may spend a willpower point to retroactively perform a reflective or free action after you roll a defense or strike. So, for instance, you could use kawarmi after you fail your dodge, but know that using it would help your roll succeed. This includes spending a second willpower to add the normal +1d10 bonus to the roll.

Prodigy Edit

You are a genius when it comes to the ways of the shinobi, though not necessarily in terms of plain intelligence. If you are a member of a Clan, you are generations ahead of your time.

You start with +1 rank in every respect category and you need only spend 3 points of respect to increase your rank. You gain a +2 bonus to all 1d20 rolls. You have (STR+MND+END+SPR+DEX+SPD)/40 willpower points. Whenever you spend a point of willpower to modify the roll, in addition to its normal effects you roll 2d20.takeHighest(1) instead of 1d20. Finally, you start with one extra Signature Jutsu.

Filthy Rich Edit

Money tends to gravitate to you. You're industrious and have a knack for understanding how to make money, but for some reason your economic endeavors tend to be more successful. This results in you being wealthy beyond all reason for you rank.

You receive +50 Ryo per character level to your requisition limit. You also receive +50 ryo per rank in each respect category. At the GM's option, you may make an Espionage Roll to influence things through the use of money. For instance, getting into a really nice, exclusive party (and thus closer to the target of your assassination). Finally, you have access to the best tutors; meaning all training times are decreased by 1. If you have the quick learner unique, it is applied after.

Avenger Edit

You have a specific person who you are driven to kill. This goes beyond a want, being an actual, undeniable desire. The greatest goal in your life is to hunt this person down and kill them once you're strong enough.

You must choose one person or group of people as the target of this unique (subject to GM approval). When acting against your target you receive a +5 bonus to all d20 rolls and a +2d10 bonus to damage rolls. Also, choose whether this unique stems from special training or hatred.
If the unique stems from special training, you may spend a point of willpower to 'take ten' on any d20 roll opposed to them. You may also identify the 'signs' of your mark's passing (specific trail, methods to how they do things, etc) with an awareness or investigation roll (subject to GM fiat).
If this unique stems from your hatred, then you always works against your mark whenever possible. In fact you only have a (MND/2)% chance to not work against your mark when the opportunity presents itself (such as to complete a mission first) or to not blindly attack when you see them. You may spend two points of willpower to deal maximum damage (As though every dice you roll on damage comes up as a 10, but not counting exploding dice). You must declare the use of this ability before you roll strike and your opponent dodge. Further, whenever you run out of Wound Points, Chakra or Stamina you may spend a point of willpower to continue acting for one action, ignoring all penalties up to and including death. However, when you can no longer pay the willpower those penalties kick back in...
You may take this unique twice. If you take it a second time then you have both special training against the object of your vengeance and you hate them with great intensity.
You may spend two points of willpower to designate any other person you are fighting as the subject of your avenger unique. This should be accompanied with role play to explain why you associate them with the mark of your vengeance. This effect lasts one round.

Protector Edit

You've sworn a vow, even if it's just to yourself, to keep somebody safe. When you choose this you may choose an individual, a group of people, an ideal, or really anything that you swear your life to protect.

You may spend a point of willpower to automatically take the blow for someone else unless the attacker rolls a 19 or a 20. You still roll your defense, if successful you not only take the blow but you block the attack as well. Rolls of a 19-20 count as a 20 for you when defending against attacks.
You receive a +1 bonus to all d20 rolls for every ally that has had their HP damaged and is in real danger. You receive an additional point of willpower for every ally that is rendered unconscious, disabled, or dies in your presence. Furthermore, if an ally ever dies in your presence you both your stamina and chakra are completely refilled as long as you spend two points of willpower and at least one action grieving your loss in some dramatic fashion.

Hard Worker Edit

You push yourself above and beyond what most people are willing to go to, pressing beyond the safe limits of what your body can handle whenever you train. One of the means to accomplish this is by wearing heavy weights, no matter what you're doing.

You may take a -5 penalty to any d20 roll to gain a bonus on another such roll any time in the same combat. For instance, you may take a -5 penalty to a taijutsu strike roll to later gain a +5 bonus on a taijutsu strike roll later in the combat. You may do the same with dodge, fortitude, mettle, ninjutsu strike, genjutsu strike and individual skill rolls. Any attack that takes the -5 penalty gainst a +5d10 bonus to damage.

Killer Instinct Edit

Something about you is terrifying. It may not always be evident, but when it is, nobody is in doubt. Others will look at you and be convinced that even if you do not intend to kill them then and there, you would have no qualms about doing so if you were willing to deal with the inconvenience.

At the beginning of each round you automatically, without any action on your part, have a chance to stun all your opponents. Roll 1d20+Level/2 and everyone else defends with Mettle. Every action after the first you make another such roll (at no action to yourself). Everyone who was stunned on their last action must defend, and continue to defend until they break out of it. Anyone stunned by this ability takes a cumulative -2 penalty on all d20 rolls for each action in a row they are stunned. The penalty is instead applied as a bonus when rolling to resist this unique. Someone with killer intent is immune to other people who also have killer intent.
Furthermore, you gain a cumulative +1 bonus on all d20 rolls and +1d10 damage for every person who has suffered at least 1 HP of damage by you while they have no vitality in this battle and for every level of critical effects you inflict.

Berserker Edit

You fight like an absolute demon; you're hard to take down, and it's even harder to get out of a fight with you unscathed.

Rolls of a 19-20 count as a 20 on all strike rolls. When you score a critical hit, even one that is not a called shot, you choose which part of the opponent's body is damaged. You also only receive a cumulative -2 penalty to your strike roll when determining how powerful your called shots are, instead of the normal -3.
Finally, you may pay 1 willpower to ignore all downsides of criticals and HP for 1 action. When you have at least 1 point of damage on your HP, you may spend 2 points of willpower to add your (Character Level)d10 to your damage.
In order to leave any serious combat (spars usually don't count) or hold your temper roll a 1d100. You have your (MND/2)% chance of actually being able to calm down and stop that action. If not you continue attacking anything that you perceive as a threat, or allies/by standards if no such threat exists for one action, at which point you may roll again. You may spend one point of willpower to double your % chance to snap out of or resist your frenzy.

Hidden Potential Edit

When the going gets tough, you break loose. You may have something to live for, or have untapped power you can only call upon in emergencies, or anything else similar. Regardless, when you are in serious danger, that's when your true power emerges.

Penalties you suffer due to HP damage are instead converted to equivalent bonuses, except for death/disabled. Further, the bonus you gain to all d20 rolls is also applied as bonus damage dice to all of your attacks that deal damage. Once per battle, when your HP receive at least one point of damage you regenerate 50% of your maximum Stamina and Chakra.