It is important to note that, first and foremost, Naruto World is a game. As such, the main focus of this game is to have fun. Contrary to popular belief, Naruto World, unlike children's card games, is not SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  1. Thou shalt strive to make fun for others and yourself through all your actions.
  2. Thou shalt never partake in any action that takes fun away from someone else.
  3. Thou shalt keep the game server safe for work at all times.
  4. Thou shalt follow basic netiquette and refrain from being an ass.
  5. Thou shalt follow the instruction from staff members without hesitation or argument. If some arguments must be made, it shall be done over whispers or through nodes.
  6. Thou shalt not use knowledge gained Out of Character (OOC) nor act out OOC desires against another player In Character (IC). To do so is to metagame, and takes away from other's fun.

7. Thou shalt not argue or start a fight OOC, nor take any OOC action against someone else as a response to IC actions. To do so is worse then metagaming. 8. Thou shalt keep up with all logs asked of thee, from day one. Yes, even the seemingly useless ones. 9. Thou shalt not cheat or attempt to bend the rules for therein own gain in ways not intended. To prevent cheating, encase all dice rolls in {} instead of []. For instance, {1d20} would roll a single 20-sided die, not [1d20]

Breaking any of these rules is grounds to be flat out banned, first offense. In practice, we only ban members in the most extreme cases or when there are repeated offenses. Yes, this means that not trying to have fun and make the fun for others is grounds is technically grounds to be banned. The staff is responsible with any and all punishments.